“Shot of Freedom” is the new version created for the RITCS student radio in Brussels XL AIR, based on the concept created for Antena 2 – National Radio, in Portugal in 2020, and it will be aired twice per month.

This Radio show, “Shot of Freedom” arises from the desire to create a timeless audio object that covers music, visual arts, dance, scenography/architecture, dramaturgy, poetry, lyrical singing, theater as well as old and new media.

Each program may have one or more guests from different areas. The invitees, of various ages, work on and off the stage, because each person counts to bring a show to life.

The narrative that “art is useless” has little space here, not because we want to be authoritarian, but because we believe that each artistic movement, when planned out and matured, generates thought and is an act of transformation, even if it is purely and simple opposition.

tweewekelijks op woensdag van 21u tot 22u

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