Volière Collective

Volière is a Brussels based collective represented by four feathered beings. Together, they can gather as three distinct flocks: Een gevogeld bekdier, Ono Matopé and kvittkvitt.

Tune in on XL Air – Oorverdovende Radio for our biweekly radio show on Tuesdays from 19h till 20h. If Tuesday evening happens to be the exact moment of your weekly dance classes / chess meetings / … don’t worry we’ll post the show on our Mixcloud.


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    kvittkvitt's tribute to catclub - Volière afl.2 – 31/10/17
    14 november 2017
    This episode kvittkvitt is paying tribute to Catclub, the infamous Brussels-based party concept celebrating its 15th birthday.    
    Herbeluister Volière afl.1 - 17/10/17
    30 oktober 2017
    Every two weeks, the Volière birds will select a new album or tip a concert by an artist who inspires them. In this first episode, as an introduction, they...